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A stroll through the research literature on shyness can be a little alarming to the parent of a wallflower. Studies have linked behavioral inhibition in children — a trait referring not only to shyness but also to extreme caution about new situations — with an increased chance of developing anxiety disorders later. And research suggests… Read Article →

People’s reactions to getting stung by a bee or wasp can range from a feeling bit of pain to a suffering a deadly allergy reaction — and now a recent report of one man’s case highlights a particularly rare complication of a sting: having a stroke. The 44-year-old Ohio man was working at a construction… Read Article →

Perhaps it isn’t surprising, given the intense rhetoric of this year’s presidential election, that politicians have started throwing around accusations of insanity.    In early August, California Rep. Karen Bass, a Democrat, launched the hashtag #DiagnoseTrump and started a petition claiming the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, meets the diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder…. Read Article →

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange won’t say whether Russia had any involvement in the emails his organization released on the eve of last week’s Democratic National Convention. But he says there are more leaks coming. “We have more material related to the Hillary Clinton campaign,” Assange told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday night from the Ecuadorian… Read Article →

After police fatally shot two black men — one in Louisiana and one in Minnesota — in early July, a new wave of protests and soul-searching about racism swept through America. For parents, the killings have also raised questions about how to talk to their kids about race and racism. These questions affect parents and… Read Article →

A note to summer bartenders: Limes and sunlight don’t mix. Just ask Justin Fehntrich, who developed second-degree burns on his hand after spending a sunny afternoon squeezing limes for margaritas last month. The “margarita burn” phenomenon, known as phytophotodermatitis, occurs when a person gets a compound called psoralen on his or her skin, said Dr…. Read Article →

Paris (AFP) – A sharp rise in shipping emissions in east Asia is killing tens of thousands of people in the region every year and adding to global warming, a study said Monday. The manufacturing and export hub has the world’s fastest-growing rate of particle and carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution from shipping emissions, it said…. Read Article →

About 99 million years ago, two bizarre spiders — each sporting hard, armored plates on their bodies and horns on their fangs — became mummified in sticky tree resin that turned into amber. They remained there until recently, when scientists discovered the chunk of amber and analyzed the spiders locked inside. These ancient, extinct spiders… Read Article →

Jack Craven has superpowers. When his mother, Lori, misplaces an item in the house, she asks the 12-year-old to “look in your head,” through the rich catalog of visual information he seems to assemble without effort. Jack always finds the lost object. His astonishing memory for faces enables him to pick out someone he’s seen… Read Article →

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