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IBM AIX Administration V1 | IBM Certification C9010-022 Exam | C9010-022 Killtest Questions and Answers

What are key considerations when planning for Live Application Mobility?
A. The WPAR is an Application WPAR and both global environments are at the same AIX level
B. That theWPAR is checkpointable and both global environments are on the same subnet
C. The NFS services are running and applications are stopped
D. The NFS services are running and there is an HMC attached to both managed systems
Answer: B

Anadministrator was told to reverse the search order of a working DNS lookup. During application testing it was discovered that network resolution was not working for the end users.
Given the following output, what is the most likely cause?

A. The firstDNS server is unreachable.
B. The netsvc.conf has the incorrect host lookup order.
C. Incorrect file permissions on the/etc/resolv.conf file.
D. The host is not on the network.
Answer: C

Solid State Drives (SSDs) have been added to a POWER7 system, and the administrator would like to migrate filesystems with high I/O activity to the SSDs. What TWO options or commands will assist the administrator with identifying filesystem activity?
(Select 2)
A. svmon
B. tprof
C. filemon
D. Hot File Detection
E. fileplace
Answer: C,D

An administrator notices that the ntp group subsystem is not starting up at boot time. What will cause this issue?
A. The /etc/ntp.conf file has the following line commented out broadcastserver
B. The following line is commented outinthe/etc/inetd.conf file: ntp 123/tcp # Network Time Protocol
C. The following line is commented out of the /etc/inittab file: xntpd: 23456789:respawn:/usr/sbin/xntpd > /dev/console 2>&1 #Start ntp daemon
D. The /etc/rc.tcpip file has the following line commented out: start /usr/sbin/xntpd “$src_running”
Answer: D

What is required for a volume group to be eligible for automatic Geographic Logical Volume Mirroring (GLVM) mirroring?
A. The volume group must be created as a Scalable Volume Group.
B. The volume group must be managed by Cluster Aware AIX.
C. The volume group must be concurrent capable.
D. The volume group has at least two LVM mirror pools defined.
Answer: A

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